Dean Armitage was one of the main antagonists in the film Get Out and was the husband of Missy Armitage and the father of Rose and Jeremy Armitage. He was portrayed by Bradley Whitford.


Dean's father, Roman Armitage was a track star but when he competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, he was defeated by Jesse Owens which led his father to believe that African-Americans are genetically and physically better than Caucasians. Then for sometime, his family was trying to find a way to perfect pseudo-immortality which was perfected finally by Dean, who was a neurosurgeon. In which, he would transplant half of a brain of a older white person and put it into a younger black person but the original owner of the body (the Black person) will live in the sunken place for the rest of their life unless a camera flash brings them back to control. He used to perform the task of capturing the vicitms himself until his family started helping with the whole process as Rose selects a black male or female to date, she brings them to the Armitage estate or Jeremy kidnaps and brings them to the house like how he did with Andre, Missy hypnotizes them and places them into the sunken place, the person is bought at the annual auction, and the surgery is done.

When Rose brings a new victim a photographer known as Chris Washington, everything goes according to plan with Rose bringing him in, Missy's hypnosis, Chris being bought at the auction, and is getting prepped for the surgery but he manages to block his ears with cotton from the couch that he is trapped in. Allowing him to be free from Missy's hypnosis command, he then murders Dean with the antlers of the mounted deer decoration that was held in the room that he was trapped in.

It was also revealed that one of the surgeries he has done was with his parents as well, transplanting their brains into the bodies of the people that Rose had selected in which his father became the groundskeeper "Walter" and his mother became the maid "Georgina".


  • Dean dislikes deer and he states that when one is killed he feels that a service for mankind has been done.
  • This is the second film that a character that actor Bradley Whitford has portrayed that has been impaled by an animal skull.