Rose Armitage is the main antagonist of the film Get Out and the daughter of Dean and Missy Armitage, sister of Jeremy Armitage, and granddaughter of Roman Armitage and Mrs. Armitage. She is portrayed by Allison Williams.


Rose is the daughter of neurosurgeon Dean Armitage and hypnotist Missy Armitage, she is a major part of the "Order of the Coagula" cult organization as she lures African-American men and women by dating them then taking them to the Armitage estate to take part in the Coagula transplantation. Rose brought her latest victim African-American photographer, Chris Williams to the house after dating him for 5 months.

Upon him being hypnotized by Missy and encountering Walter and Georgina's mysterious behaviors, she doesn't believe his complaints. After Chris being warned by Andre at the "party", she takes him down to the lake near the house as he tells her that he wants to leave and Rose decides that she will go along with him to make him feel better.

Once finishing packing, Chris encounters a open closet containing a box of photos taken with Rose and several African-American and women (alerting Chris as she has convinced the entire time they have been a couple that he was the first Black guy that she has ever dated). Rose then reveals herself to be a true accomplice of her family and labels Chris as one of her "favorites" after he is being taken down to the basement by her father and her brother.

While Chris is still trapped in the basement, his best friend Rod is stills searching for him as he tries calling Chris' phone once and Rose answers who frequently lies to him by saying that Chris left early and took a taxi cab home but once Rod notices that she is giving him false information, he starts to record the call but Rose starts talking about Rod's "sexual feelings" for Rose which forces him to hang up in frustration.

Chris escapes before we is taken in for the procedure and kills Dean, Missy, and Jeremy before he finally escapes the house while Rosa is upstairs in her room looking for her next victim. Rose then hears Chris hit Georgina with Jeremy's car as she comes downstairs with a rifle and notices Chris driving away with her.

While Chris is driving, Georgina wakes up and attacks him making him crash the car into a oncoming tree which kills her in the process. Rose then still proceeds to try and kill Chris until she sends her grandfather to go after him which he does until Chris releases the real Walter from his sunken place. Rose, who is unaware that her grandfather is no longer in control gives Walter the gun after he convinces her to let him do the honors of killing Chris but instead he shoots Rose in the stomach.

Rose falls to the ground wounded as she begs Chris for help and forgiveness but he attempts to strangle her after finding out her true nature but he gives up finding himself unable to kill her. A police car then shows up in front of them as Rose tries to act as the victim of the situation but it turns out that the actual officer in the car is Rod, the two then leave the scene as Rose finally dies from her wound.


  • She is the feature film character debut of Allison Williams.
  • She was only seen with one African-American woman, who was used as a body for her grandmother.